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Child shot in head in Carenage

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Sarah Headley


A four-year-old child was shot in the forehead last night while on her way home. Police reports are that around 8.15 pm last night Sarah Headley was in a taxi with her mother Alisha Headley, 24, when indiscriminate gunfire resulted in the child being shot.
The mother and daughter were in a taxi at heading north along Upper L'anse Mitan Road, Carenage heading home at the time of the shooting. The intended target was in another car heading south along the roadway, when the shooting occurred. After the gunshots Headley screamed in agony as she saw blood all over her daughter's face.
The child was rushed to the St James Medical Complex and then transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Complex where she underwent emergency surgery and is currently warded at the Intensive Care Unit in a stable condition. The bullet was lodged in the child's neck reports state. The child's mother and stepfather Wilton Julien expressed anger and dsisgust at what happened when the media spoke to them. They say they are praying for a swift recovery for the child.
Investigations are continuing.