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Battery thieves surrender

Saturday, July 12, 2014
Crime Watch
CrimeWatch host presents Steve Rajpattee with the reimbursement money for batteries which were stolen from him by thieves recently on the set of the programme this week.

CrimeWatch host Ian Alleyne continues to deliver. This week on the show, Marvin, aka Boyo, and Culture gave themselves up to Alleyne after he had previously aired a video of the men allegedly stealing two truck batteries from East Boundary Street, California, on June 23. The men met with Alleyne and reimbursed the victim, Steve Rajpattee, for the batteries, which were valued at $5,000. 


Rajpattee, who was laid off from his job, was also asked to pay back for the batteries by his employers. He appeared on the show to thank Alleyne for getting justice for him. Alleyne also made a public appeal to the company to show mercy towards Rajpattee. In another incident, Alleyne aired a video of a man stealing a cellphone from a woman’s purse at a medical institute in San Fernando. After an investigation, Alleyne discovered that the man was no stranger to larceny, as he has done this many times before. 


Alleyne made a breakthrough on the show by revealing the identity of the thief, who is from the Beetham Gardens, Laventille. In a disturbing incident, Eshe Lawrence, 14, ran away from home on Sunday night because of claims that her mother was “stressing” her out to do chores. Eshe’s mother Patsy Lawrence visited CrimeWatch set and told Alleyne she was unaware of her daughter’s whereabouts, but said she had received a phone call from her daughter telling her that she was going to the beach. The teen then hung up.


After Patsy explained the situation to Alleyne, he promptly told Eshe to ‘find her tail home’. Within two hours after seeing the programme, Eshe walked into the Arouca Police Station and told officers about her situation. An adult suspect involved is currently in police custody. Further investigations are being done by the Arouca police. Patsy thanked Alleyne and Arouca police for their quick action and results.



After the picture of a stolen Brown Nissan Sentra, licensed PBM 906, was aired on Crime Watch on Wednesday, the vehicle was located and intercepted immediately after the programme was finished by police from the Caroni station. A suspect was apprehended but he claims to have bought the vehicle from another individual and claimed to have receipts to prove this. Caroni police are investigating.



Unsolved mysteries
Alleyne is investigating the case in which Carlos Hosford was shot several times at a popular bar in Sangre Grande. The suspect is yet to be identified.