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Cops on Life Sport death threat: Probe at sensitive stage

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Senior police have assured again that they are working to bring the reported death threats against Life Sport’s deputy director of physical education and sport Ruth Marchan to a close. 
She has been reported to be in a safe house after her bodyguard, Curtis “Tall Man” Gibson, was shot and killed in bed at his Malabar home. Police said the matter was getting their full attention, adding that it was at a “very sensitive stage. “At this stage we are exploring all the possibilities and looking at it from all angles. We can’t say at this time when the matter would be closed,” the police added.

When contacted National Security Minister Gary Griffith said he was assured the police were doing all they could but added he did not get involved in the work of the police.
He said: “I have every confidence in the police. There are instances when, as National Security Minister, I may be briefed on a particular matter but only on a need-to-know basis. I do not get involved in police work. “They have their jobs to do and I have mine. If the police need assistance from Interpol, for instance, to speed up a matter I could help in that area.” 
Speaking about crime initiatives Griffith said the E 999, for instance, focused on real time operations and immediate response from law enforcement agencies. “What is important is to secure our borders to stop the illegal entry of drugs, guns and human trafficking and that has to do with that thin line of water between the South American mainland and the Gulf of Paria.

“We are putting hovercrafts, interceptors, upgrading the radar, coastal platforms and having it all locked in with GPS tracking being fed through the radar to the National Operations Centre for immediate response. “We provide policies and the PNM provides plans which are plans to commit crimes,” Griffith said.