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Pleasantville murder was reprisal—cops

Monday, July 21, 2014

Investigators probing the murder of Pleasantville father Marlon “Balls” Layne believe his death was a reprisal for the killing of 22-year-old Keith Flemming, last month. Flemming, of Ethel Street, La Romaine, was shot dead outside Building Five of the Housing Development Corporation’s Corinth Hills development on June 29, where he had attended a lime. Police said word on the street had linked Layne to Flemming’s murder and that his death was a payback. 



Describing both murders aås “hits,” police were yet to make any arrests. They said Layne was being investigated for gang-related activities in which several other people were murdered. He also had several matters before the San Fernando Magistrate’s Court, which included possession of drugs, arms, ammunition and wounding a police officer. Layne, 35, of Redwood Drive, Blitz Village, was shot seven times while parking his car at his home. 


He was blocked by two cars. The occupants came out the car and shot him. One of the cars hit the back of Layne’s car as it sped off to the San Fernando Bypass. After hearing the gunshots, Layne’s girlfriend and two of his cousins took him to the San Fernando General Hospital where he died during emergency treatment. Admitting that Layne “was no saint”, a relative said he had changed his life. She said he was the father of two aged one and six, and rented his cars to make a living.