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$10,000 bail for man on bribery charge

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ste Madeleine resident Sheldon Edwards, who denied he offered the police a $284 bribe to avoid a drunk-driving charge, has been granted $10,000 bail.

Edwards, 33, a field supervisor, appeared before San Fernando Traffic Court Magistrate Rehanna Hosein charged with offering PC Alex Mohammed a bribe at the San Fernando Police Station and driving under the influence (DUI).

He pleaded not guilty to the bribe charge, but guilty to the DUI charge, for which he was fined $4,000. 

Edwards was arrested around 2 am Saturday on the Southern Main Road, St Margaret’s Village, Claxton Bay, during a police road traffic exercise.

When asked by the police if had been drinking, Edwards said: “Yes sir, I had some vodka and beers a little earlier.”

When asked if he had an objected to taking the breathalyser test, he said: “Officer, I know I go fail. Give me a change, nah.”

His breathalyser tests revealed he exceeded the 35 legal alcohol limit by 43 microgrammes.

Attorney Faraaz Mohammed said Edwards was a father of two and a first-time offender. Mohammed said Edwards was not a habitual drinker, but was at a get-together with friends and lost track of his alcohol intake.

The magistrate ordered Edwards to pay the fine in a month or serve nine months in prison.

Police prosecutor Sgt Dianath Harricharan did not object to bail on the bribe matter, which was adjourned to August 25 for disclosure and to set a date for trial.

Edwards was among 17 people who pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and were ordered to pay more than $60,000 in fines.