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Businesswoman robbed at Indian Expo

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A 42-year old Valsayn businesswoman was robbed in the Indian Expo carpark in Chaguanas on Monday of a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol with seven rounds of ammunition in it, credit and identification cards, her drivers’ permit, $2000 in cash and an Apple Ipod.

According to the Chaguanas police, the woman parked and secured her black Toyota Hilux Prado on the northern side of car park at Chan Ramlal Road, Chaguanas. 

While walking towards the entrance of the expo she heard a loud sound like glass being smashed. As she turned around to look a man grabbed the leather satchel bag she was carrying containing the pistol and other possessions and escaped.

When the distraught woman returned to her vehicle she saw the left rear window smashed. Nothing from the vehicle was missing. 

Chaguanas police visited the scene and are continuing inquiries.