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Three murders in three hours

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Three killings in three separate incidents have taken the murder toll to 272. In the first incident, 36-year-old Nicholas Imortep was washing his car on Guy Street, Sangre Grande, just after 6.30 pm on Friday night when nearby residents heard several loud explosions. Upon investigating they found Imortep lying next to his vehicle with several gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Three hours later, just before 9 pm, Garner Swan, 38, of Second Hill, Kandahar, in Arouca was shot near his home. Residents reported hearing loud explosions and later found Swan bleeding on the street. He was rushed to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex but was pronounced dead on arrival. 

In the third incident, residents near Wharf Trace, Maracas, reported to police that they heard loud explosions just after 9 pm. Officers from the St Joseph Police Station responded to calls and found 35-year-old Yohanna Mohammed, lying on the roadway. Police reportedly recovered 15 spent shells at the scene. Investigations into all three matters are continuing.