The Digital Guardian gives you…

  • Extended coverage on news, with video, more pictures and text
  • Over three years of archives
  • Digital Magazines, including the Business Guardian
  • Direct contact with Advertisers through live email and website links
  • Access to your digital paper on your smart devices and computers

Frequently asked questions.


The Digital Guardian is the electronic replica of the Guardian Newspaper, plus much more. You get additional information on both editorial and advertisements. You can watch TV news clips and video ads, view additional pictures, and extra written coverage on top news and articles of the day, plus, connect directly with our journalists and advertisers via live web and email links. Issues are uploaded by 5:00AM every morning and can be retrieved via your personal computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
You get unlimited access to the Guardian Digital newspaper; the current issues and over three years of archives. You can access the paper wherever and whenever you want, from any smart device or computer.
You can pay with your Credit Card either filling out the online subscription form, or over the phone, by contacting our Customer service representative (by phone or email). You can also visit our offices and pay via linx, cash or cheque payment. All cheques are to be made out to Guardian Media Ltd.
This payment option allows you to pay for your subscription, within Trinidad and Tobago, via cheque (mailed in), or in office (cheque, credit card, linx, cash). The TT Rates shown in the packages apply to the Master Card payment and Alternative Payment options, while the USD Rates are applicable for Visa and Paypal.
Yes you can. When you sign up and purchase the subscription, just give the username and password you entered, to the gift recipient. That person can then change the username and password as they need. Leave the email and telephone contact with your information and not the recipient’s, so that the billing info will be sent to you and not to them.
You can subscribe to the Digital newspaper regardless of where you live. At this point, we do not have subscriptions for the hard copy version of the paper overseas.


Your home address is necessary to send you billing information. Also, if you subscribe to either of the digital and home delivery packages, we will require your home address so you can receive the hard copy version of your paper.
After your free trial period, you will be asked to pay for your subscription, whether you choose to pay immediately via Credit Card online, or select one of the Alternative Payment options. If you pay online, you will be notified that the payment was validated. If you pay over the phone or at our offices, you will be notified by our customer service rep that your payment was accepted. However, if the payment did not go through, you would be asked to ensure the payment info is correct and try again, after which you can contact our Subscriptions Supervisor – Ms Susan Walters at [email protected], call 623 8870 extension 2710, or send us a message via ‘Help Desk’ on the Issues page. or call 623 8870 extension 2710 - for further help.
You may send an email or call our offices if you wish to cancel your subscription.
Yes, once you paid for the subscription, you are entitled to a refund for the unused period of your service, should you choose to cancel your subscription. You will be refunded based on your initial method of payment (e.g. if you paid by credit card, the money will be refunded to your credit card). You may call our offices for further information.


With your subscription, you are allowed to sign in with up to four (4) devices in total. If you are already signed in with four devices, and wish to sign-in with another, you will receive an email informing you that you have reached your sign-in limit, and to log out of a device, before you can access another.
When you sign up for our Digital Guardian membership you get more than just your subscription. You are entitled to preferred access to Guardian sponsored events, from exclusive tickets, shopping and travel discounts, and more! When these special membership options become available, you will be notified via email and they will also be posted on the Digital Guardian member website, with complete details on how you may gain access to these offers.
Once you sign-up for your free trial of the digital paper, you get immediate access to the paper. If you choose to renew your digital subscription, the payment must be made and accepted for your service to continue. For the digital and print packages, you will receive your first home delivery the day you selected to receive it. If the home delivery is to start the following day, you must signup no later than 3:00PM that same day, if you are paying online (Visa/Paypal), in-office or over the phone. Alternative payment options will take between five (5) to ten (10) working days to process.
You can sign-up for the digital edition of the Guardian, and receive your one month free subscription. You will then receive both the digital and physical versions of the paper. After your one month trial is ended, you can choose one of the digital payment options to continue your service. When your home delivery and digital subscriptions have expired, you can renew by choosing one of our bundled digital and print packages.