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Listen and learn from DEA

Thursday, January 23, 2014

T&T’s security services are in a live laboratory of investigations as the United States Drug Enforcement Administration is here probing a criminal matter which originated in part in this country. Led by acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams, his executive team and especially the investigative department of the police service, the security forces should pay close attention to the process being adopted by what must be one of the most successful international security agencies in the world.


The first lesson to note must be the speed and seriousness of the responses by the DEA. Within days of the cocaine seizure in Norfolk, Virginia, and gathering information on where the cocaine was shipped from, the DEA put together what has been reported to be a large team of investigators and delivered them to one of the sources of the criminal activity.  


No fooling around awaiting bureaucratic administration and/or being hamstrung by politicians and their fears and concerns for self-preservation; this agency is interested only in being “hot on the trail” of the criminals. There has been no verified information on the actual size and composition of the DEA team here, but it would be a good assumption that it includes a variety of crime-investigating capacities.