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Strange new bedfellows

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The recent joining of forces between the Independent Liberal Party, the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union and the People’s National Movement over the recent oil spills represents a new turn on an old adage that “politics makes strange bedfellows.” 



This latest incarnation saw arch enemies Jack Warner and Ancel Roget having a friendly discussion outside Parliament recently, where the OWTU invited Mr Warner to attend a meeting on the recent oil spills. In such a situation, the OWTU leader took the position that Jack Warner was no longer in the Government and therefore they were comfortable talking to him about their agenda in relation to the oil spills.


Their new approach in engaging Jack Warner stands in stark contrast to their press release on April 22 last year when they had the following to say about Warner upon his resignation from the Cabinet: “While we believe his resignation/dismissal did not come a moment too soon, it is unfortunate he has already left a trail of destruction.