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More info, transparency needed on China deals

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Expanding economic and trade relations with the second largest economy in the world, China, must ultimately be in the interest of T&T’s finding markets for its products and establishing beneficial partnerships with large Chinese firms. Closer co-operation is potentially more beneficial for this country, as China has been claiming to be, and to some extent shown itself a country that is interested in giving constructive assistance to developing countries. 


In this regard, the People’s Republic has invested billions of dollars in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. Almost needless to say, such investment has not been completely altruistic; the investment has been directed at energy resources in those host countries where Chinese capital and technology have gone. That is the nature of international relations. 



In its quest to jump several generations into the modern productive world, China has been courting countries such as those in the Caribbean, T&T being one of those most closely connected with China. But having laid down that base for potential benefits for T&T, there must be concern about the instant success that T&T’s proposed purchase of long-range-patrol vessels is being made out to be, especially by National Security Minister Gary Griffith.