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More transparency in Carnival

Monday, March 10, 2014

On Thursday last week, in response to a question put to an NCC panel convened to discuss a study of the broadcast potential of Carnival, the Commission’s consultant Ian Royer said the executive would decide whether the report of a group of international media experts would be made public.


This is exactly the type of response that’s expected of the politically minded and it’s deeply disturbing to find that attitude worming its way into a non-competitive state agency responsible for the dispensation of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of taxpayers' money.


It’s not surprising then to find that much of the post-Carnival bacchanal about this year’s festival has also been about transparency and accountability, from Mr Shak’s allegation that his marks were doctored to ensure that he would not win to the confusion surrounding the NCBA’s decision to penalise some bands in competition.