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A code of conduct can avoid more distraction

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar opted for interpreting the firing and resignation from her Cabinet over the last week, and the many other changes since 2010, as being indicative of her strength to govern. “I say that it is a measurement of my commitment to maintaining the high ideals upon which we were elected.” Her trade minister, Vasant Bharath, has talked about the strength and stability of the government being maintained.


“One of the selling factors of T&T when I travel abroad is the political and economic stability,” said Mr Bharath. Seeking to further assure the country and those looking on from outside, the Prime Minister also asserted that her actions over the near four-year term of office have made her “government stronger than ever because of the tough decisions taken.”



Weighing in on the resignation and firing, retired senior diplomat Reginald Dumas told the T&T Guardian that investors abroad keep up to date on diplomatic reports which track happenings in a country and make decisions based on those reports. And Mr Dumas, a former head of the public service, also commented to the effect that the constant upheavals within the government are contributing to a “cheapening of the country’s image.”