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Shiv Shakti Dancers treat mothers with Bollywood flair

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Members of the bmobile Shiv Shakti Dancers’Mere Maa III.

The bmobile Shiv Shakti Dancers staged their third annual Mother’s Day concert at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya on Saturday night. Patrons were treated to a show that combined song and dance. According to Michael Salickram, choreographer and head dancer of the top local Indian dance troupe, 150 dancers from both its junior and senior dance classes participated in the show.

Shiv Shakti performed ten contemporary styled dances that blended classical Indian dance mixed with a touch of local style and Bollywood elements. Dancers performed to the songs Tere Payal Mere Geet, Babuji, Cham, Cham Chamkay, Dola Re, and Hottie Naughty. There was also a dance mix medley. Entertainment was provided by vocalists Aarti Butkhoon, Rishi Ram, Nigel Salickram, Ras Nancoo Singh and Neval Chatelal.