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Ms Pembroke cops Afro Queen Show

Friday, March 2, 2012
Miss Roxborough Afro Queen 2012 Ms Pembroke Shirlene John.


The Tobago House of Assembly Windward Afro Queen Show and Calypso Monarch, at the Cyd Gray Sporting Complex, was staged under the theme We African Pride. According to queen Co-ordinator Jillian Franklyn, the event was an entertaining showcase of  the pride of music, food, people and clothing. This year marked the 43rd anniversary of the event which started in the village of Roxborough and has grown over the years. TSTT/Blink Broadband is a long term sponsor of the event and, Acting Manager Enterprise, Marketing and Communications Andre Alfred expressed  pleasure  to once again partner with organisers, The Tobago Festivals Committee and the Department of Community Development and Culture for this year’s show.
“The show is geared towards young girls and women ages 17-25 that live on the eastern side of Tobago,” Franklyn. 
He added: “The competition this year attracted eight very talented ladies vying for the prestigious title. They appeared in three categories, Spirit of Carnival Costumes, Afro Influence Carnival Casual Wear and African Gown.” The show also comprised of a calypso competition, with ten artistes vying for Windward Calypso Monarch. All guest artistes were from Tobago East, with one special surprise guest artiste, Nadia Batson and her band. The winner of the Afro Queen Show was none other than Ms Pembroke Shirlene John, placing second was Ms Speyside Trudy Ann Baptiste and third Ms Roxborough Kameko Holder. 
In the Calypso segment, Nicole Thomas sang her way to winners row, followed by her brother  Dillon Thomas, with Giselle Washington placing third. TSTT’s Andre Alfred said: “As the sole internet technology provider we recognise the importance of growth and development in the Tobago communities and as such we congratulate the organisers of this show for the advances they have made over the years and look forward to a fantastic event this year. We also take the time to wish good luck to all the participants in the competition.
Tuco Tobago Chairman Ainsley King expressed gratitude to the Division of Community Development and Culture Division, under the leadership of Secretary Tracey Davidson-Celestine, for a successful 2012 Carnival season.