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Music students display talent on achievement day

Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Music Makers founder/director Merle Albino, second left, joins her young students on tenor pan at her school’s achievement day ceremony.

One of the positive events held over the hectic Christmas season was the Achievement Day Celebrations for the young music students of Music Makers by their musical director Merle Albino-de Coteau, HBM MA, BMus, LTCL.


The event was held at the school’s premises, located at 206 Eastern Main Road, Success Village, Laventille. 


The students displayed their talent on the national instrument and other conventional instruments and received their certificates in Theory, Pan and Piano and other special awards.


As in previously held ceremonies, tribute was paid to a prominent contributor to the pan fraternity. The distinguished 2013 honoree was Dr Finbar Fletcher, manager of Witco Desperadoes.


A prominent judge at the National Panorama competition, Albino-de Coteau is acclaimed as one of the country’s foremost musicologists, and is the sister of famous pianist Martin Albino.