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Scherzando tops comPANions All Fours

Thursday, April 10, 2014

At the end of a weekend of keen and exciting competition Curepe Scherzando Steel Orchestra has emerged as the 2014 comPANions All Fours champion in the steelband fraternity. 


Eliminations and the final were held on Friday night at bpTT Renegades pan theatre on Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain, and on Saturday night at White Oak Starlift facility, at Mucurapo Road Ext, St James.


Teams from 17 steelbands competed in this year’s competition. The competitions in cricket and football will continue until the grand all-day finale on Indian Arrival Day (Friday, May 30) at Constantine Park, Tunapuna. 


Now in its 16th year, the comPANions steelband competition is organised and produced by Denyse Hernandez of Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars and Julie Williams of Republic Bank Exodus.


The football tournament also commenced on Saturday night at Starlift’s venue. Winners on the night included Desperadoes, Scherzando, Exodus, Sound Specialists and Fire Services.


comPANions All Fours




Game 1: St James Tripolians vs Witco Desperadoes—Desperadoes won 11-7


Game 2: T&T Fire Services vs Pamberi—Pamberi won 11-10


Game 3: T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps vs Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille—Sound Specialists won 11-6


Game 4: Republic Bank Exodus vs CAL Invaders—Exodus won 11-9



Game 1: bpTT Renegades vs White Oak Starlift—Renegades won 11-10


Game 2: Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove vs Curepe Scherzando—Scherzando won 


11 – 9


Game 3: Solo Harmonites vs Fascinators Pan Symphony—Fascinators won 11-8


Game 4: bpTT Renegades vs Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars—Trinidad All Stars won 11-10


Game 5: Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove vs Fascinators Pan Symphony—Phase II won 11-9

Second round—GROUP A 


Game 1: T&T Fire Services vs St James Tripolians—Tripolians won 11-8


Game 2: CAL Invaders vs Pamberi—Invaders won 11 – 5


Game 3: T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps vs Republic Bank Exodus—Angel Harps won 




Game 4: Witco Desperadoes vs CAL Invaders—Desperadoes won 11-5


Game 5: Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille vs T&T Fire Services—Fire Services won 11 – 8



Game 1: Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove vs Skiffle Steel—Phase II won 11-3


Game 2: N&M Trinidad All Stars vs White Oak Starlift—Starlift won 11-9


Game 3: bpTT Renegades vs Fascinators Pan Symphony—Fascinators won 11-5


Game 4: Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove vs N&M Trinidad All Stars—Phase II won 11-5


Game 5: White Oak Starlift vs Solo Harmonites—Harmonites won 11-8


Game 6: Fascinators Pan Symphony v. Curepe Scherzando—Fascinators won 11-1

Semifinal: Witco Desperadoes vs Curepe Scherzando—Scherzando won 11-6

FINAL: Pamberi vs Curepe Scherzando: Game tied 10-10. 


Final table—Scherzando won game 11-10







Game 1: N&M Trinidad All Stars vs Solo Harmonites—Game drawn 1-1


Game 2: White Oak Starlift vs Curepe Scherzando—Game drawn 1-1


Game 3: Phase II Pan Groove vs Witco Desperadoes—Desperadoes won 1-0


Game 4: N&M Trinidad All Stars vs. Curepe Scherzando—Scherzando won 3-1


Game 5: Witco Desperadoes vs White Oak Starlift—Game drawn 1-1




Game 1: T & T Fire Services vs Skiffle Steel—Fire Services won 2-0


Game 2: BP Renegades vs Courts Sound Specialists—Sound Specialists won 3-2


Game 3: Republic Bank Exodus vs Fascinators Pan Symphony—Exodus won 2-0