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Chopra tipped for film on Babi’s life

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Bolly Talks
Priyanka Chopra

Bengali director Agnidev Chatterjee says he’s keen on making the professional life of late actor Parveen Babi the subject of a film that he wants to shoot in Hindi as well as Bengali.


“Her personal life has been discussed before, but she was a star, and her stardom hasn’t been spoken of that much by her contemporaries, in the media or in books. That aspect was no less exciting, so I want to make a film from that perspective,” says Chatterjee, whose past work includes critically acclaimed Bengali films like Probhu Nosh Hoye Jai (2007), Charuulata 2011 (2012) and Teen Kanya (2012).


The film-maker adds, “It’s not a biopic as such, because it doesn’t speak about every aspect of her life. I’m only concentrating on her professional life.” Ask him how he did his research, and if he knows anyone from Babi’s family, and he says, “I did my research on the Internet and from books about her. I don’t know anyone from her family. So, whom should I take permission from?”


For the Hindi version of the film, Chatterjee has actor Priyanka Chopra in mind. “I think that in today’s time, she is as successful as Parveen Babi was back then. I’m keen to have her on board, but if she doesn’t agree, as she’s quite busy with prior commitments, then I’ll make the Bengali version first and approach her again later,” he explains.