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Archbishop Solomon for Central Bank

Monday, May 19, 2014
James Solomon as the Archbishop in The Archbishop and the Prime Minister.

James Solomon who gave a sterling performance earlier this year as the religious leader in Ralph Maraj’s The Archbishop and the Prime Minister returns to the role as the play moves to the Central Bank Auditorium on June 7 and 8.


A release from the producers of the play said with Solomon as the Archbishop, the cast becomes more reflective of the demographic reality in T&T and the political dimensions of the play are immediately heightened. 


Ralph Maraj plays the Prime Minister. The two leaders were childhood friends and grew up as brothers in the countryside. Now they are at loggerheads, arising from the Archbishop’s decision to speak out forcefully on national affairs. 


This angers the Prime Minister who sees his popularity take a nosedive with the public statements of the Archbishop. The Prime Minister summons the Archbishop and issues a stern warning to desist or face the consequences. But the Archbishop is convinced he is doing the right thing even with signs of concern from the Vatican and disapproval from older members of the flock. The tension is heightened by an approaching general election.


The Archbishop and the Prime Minister takes place at the Central Bank Auditorium on June 7 at 8 pm and June 8 at 5.30 pm. 
For ticket information, call 657-1086.