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The Saint comes to Napa

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Melissa Sookdeo as Seeta in The Saint.

Ralph Maraj’s play The Saint which played to large audiences in San Fernando, Central and along the east-west corridor, will be staged in Port-of-Spain for the first time at Napa for a single performance on July 20. 


In the play, Seeta is a beautiful young woman facing great challenges. The turbulence starts when her boyfriend Vishnu decides to give up worldly pursuits for the spiritual life. He ends their relationship to enter an ashram in India. 


After her recovery, Seeta gets close to Cornelius but this brings further complications. She becomes increasingly disillusioned with the human condition and must make a critical decision about her life. What becomes of her is a source of great interest in the play.


Seeta is played by Melissa Sookdeo. Sookdeo made her acting debut when she played the part at the Naparima Bowl in April. The performance also requires her skill as a dancer. 


• The play begins at 5.30 pm and tickets can be obtained by calling 657-1086.