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Despers vacation camp a success

Friday, August 29, 2014
The young graduates of Witco Desperadoes Vacation Camp entertain guests at the camp’s closing concert. PHOTOS: GREGORY “LEE” PERROTTE

After a month of training and mentoring, the Witco Desperadoes Vacation Camp ended on August 15, with the children performing at the Desperadoes cultural centre, located at the top of Laventille Road, Laventille. 

It was five weeks of fun for the 40 campers who were tutored in music theory and practical with the steelpan as the focus as well as conversational Spanish. The youngsters also learned life skills from tutors Errol Fabien, Akini Gill and other qualified professionals. A programme of field trips took them to Lopinot and the Niherst Science Centre.

Camp director Curtis Edwards, a past captain of Desperadoes, said: “The camp is part of the band’s continuing drive to empower, enlighten and support Laventille’s youth through music and related activities. We intend to continue the programme during the year in which participants will be grounded in music, academics and important life skills making for better citizens of Laventille and the country.”

Other directors, tutors and supervisors involved in the camp were Riseford Coutain, Nathaniel Flemming, Nathan Moses, Josanne Williams, Kevah Frith, Ancil Glod and Kenneth Clarke. (PRB)

Special Awards

Most Outstanding Overall: Tamara Fraser

Most Disciplined: Deejan George, Ade Edwards, Joshua Bernard

Most Promising: Roquasha Solom, Aaliyaa Pierre Alfred

Baby Youth Player: Aurora Raymond

Most Helpful: Tamara Fraser

Most Charismatic: Edward Seaton

Young Achiever: Brandon Toppin