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Miss Julie comes to town

Thursday, December 18, 2014
Actors Rebecca Foster and Vedesh Nath play Miss Julie and Jean, respectively in August Strindberg’s classic play Miss Julie.

One of theatre’s most performed plays comes to Trinidad for the first time. August Strindberg’s classic play Miss Julie premieres this evening, December 18, and runs until December 21 at the CLR James Auditorium, Cipriani College, Valsayn. The play is directed by local veteran, award-winning actor and director Errol Sitahal and co-directed by Aryana Mohammed.

The play follows the relationship between Miss Julie (played by Rebecca Foster) a noble-woman and her young servant, Jean, (Vedesh Nath) on Christmas Eve night. Miss Julie has just broken off her engagement to her fiance, and is drawn to Jean’s charm. She flirts with Jean in front of his fiance, Christine (Tishanna Williams), and Jean in turn encourages Miss Julie and flirts back.

Their relationship escalates when Jean pretends to be in love with Miss Julie, and persuades her to run away as it is the only way they can escape their dark pasts and even darker realities. But how far can they run before the darkness consumes them?

Miss Julie has received awards globally and is recognised as one of the most powerfully and significantly written plays.

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