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Comedy show ad really ‘wotless’

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How nauseating can one ad be? Every day and night on the TV we have jammed down our throats the comedy ad about movie star Honest John and we learn many times per hour that “black folks threaten to kill their children while white folks actually do.”  We have to swallow every ten minutes the corny joke about the machine that can catch thieves and how in Trinidad they stole the machine in three minutes.

Then to add insult to severe injury we have to hear over and over about some mindless comedian from Bollywood, India, coming here to get on like a “wotless” Trini.This ad is so very “wotless” and it takes advantage of defenceless people. It makes you want to pull your hair out and scream your lungs to bursting. Whoever came up with this ad and to show it so many times should have to face the hangman.

Felicia Bansraj