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Trincity outraged by attack on girl, 12

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am a resident of Trincity, Tacarigua, for the past 28 years and our community has been traumatised, flabbergasted, outraged and discombobulated by the wanton sexual attack on an innocent 12-year-old girl from our residential area at the hands of a callous, inhumane monster.

When will it stop? When will the pain, hurt and sadness abate from the victim and her family. Here is a girl who will be emotionally and psychologically scarred and blemished for the rest of her life. Our prayers are with her and her family and by extension the community for swift justice in apprehending the perpetrator. We ask that Almighty God will watch over us in the interim.

Winston Beckles
Trincity, Tacarigua