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Olympian turns World Bank  consultant

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Siobhan T Cropper, a two-time Olympian, now a Financial Consultant with the World Bank in Washington, DC USA was recently in Trinidad meeting with the Minister of Finance, Larry Howai, the Governor of the Central Bank, some heads of government from the Caribbean countries and representatives from the various local banks. Siobhan graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Economics and from Columbia University with a MBA in Finance.

Siobhan has been one of the best female athletes in T&T among her many achievements are:
1. World ranked in the first ten swimmers in free style
2. A finalist in the world Short Course Swimming Championships in Sweden.
3. Sports Woman of the Year four times more than any female athlete in T&T.
4. The only swimmer inducted in the Hall of Fame.
Although Siobhan was not selected as one of the fifty sports legend of T&T probably an oversight on the organisers’ part however, she will continue to make waves for our beautiful country in the field of Economics and Finance.
Vilma Cropper
St James