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Where is the promised procurement legislation?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) have waited in silence on our PP Government. Time is passing and we are becoming disgruntled and impatient. We need the promised procurement legislation now. Why these unexplained delays? All of those nebulous special purpose companies like Udecott are doing exactly what they did when Calder Hart was here. 


Prime Minister, too much time is passing and the treasury is being used in the same way like the previous regime. Soon we will have general elections and can we expect any different if we get a PNM govt? This Government must do what it has promised if it is not to be thrown into the same dustbin of failed and sordid regimes. We continue to call on our leaders for the promised accountability, consultation, transparency. Act now to save our nation. 


This delay in this critical legislation will force Fishermen and Friends of the Sea to summon a thundercloud. We are asking again, stop the pussyfooting with this critical legislation. Accountability first. 



Terence Beddoe
Cecil Mc Lean
Gary Aboud