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Citizens powerless to make that change

Thursday, May 15, 2014

In what can only be described as a very scathing but nevertheless a reality trip into our political culture, Tony Fraser has delved into this thorny subject with clinical precision even though I doubt that he could ever achieve what the basic message on the topic conveyed—citizens must now take up the responsibility to transform that culture. Two points stand out glaringly: first, I don’t think he would ever see that quantum change; and second, if I may say so, citizens are powerless to make that change.


Although the article has all the hallmarks of a cynic, as most writers are wont to be, and having known Mr Fraser for much of my journalistic life, he has put forward some unpalatable facts right from the word go in his very analytical column which appeared three Wednesdays ago, some of which I am sure must have raised the ire of politicians, especially women and party fanatics.


One of the more serious observations thrown out and at which I expect women to take umbrage, even though it is the gospel truth, was: “It is a time when women are exploited in many ways, male candidates get preference over them in ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ seats; a time when women are intimidated by males and when the dominant male political culture relegates women to the margins.