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Dolphins washed ashore, La Brea carnage continues

Thursday, June 12, 2014

For the past seven months fish have been washing up dead on the south west peninsula. The Institute of Marine Affairs and the Environment Management Authority have (in error) stated that it is only one specie of fish that is washing up dead, and the death is caused by a biological (natural) agent, but they have not stated if it is safe to eat the sick fish. Fisherman and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) has recorded over 15 species of dead fish in the contaminated zone, including pelicans and corbeaux.


A month ago the quantity of dead fish washing ashore went down temporarily as the sand covered the oil with the seasonal movement of the tides. Last week the tidal movement changed and the sand, which covered the oil a month ago, began to wash away. FFOS received several reports of dead fish washing ashore last week, and on Saturday June 7, FFOS visited Station Beach in La Brea where we recorded dead fish and a corbeaux which washed ashore dead that day. FFOS believes that the dead fish are being caused from the residual COREXIT9500, which has been left on the beaches and in the ocean beds by an uncaring Ministry of Energy/Petrotrin. FFOS has asked Petrotrin to clean up the oil spill, but the Government and the oil company seem to be uninterested or unwilling to engage in meaningful dialogue or responsible practice. To date the IMA has not stated if it is safe to eat the sick fish.


Also, on Tuesday morning dolphins washed ashore in Mayaro. The residents tried to put them back into the sea, but they continued being washed ashore. Are these dead dolphins being poisoned by eating fish contaminated by orphaned Petrotrin COREXIT and oil or are these beached dolphins a result of the seismic detonations which are occurring in our waters?


Gary Aboud