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Biggest Carnival flop ever

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Carnival 2016 was the biggest flop ever. Extremely poor calypsoes from the semis to the finals, all lacking in lyrical content. All one heard was people shouting their anger at the former prime minister and her government even though she governed the only country in the world which, through a global recession, not one citizen felt the effects until her departure.

Soca or jump-up tunes, for want of a better word, were boring except for Machel and Angela Hunte and Kes the Band. Ole mas was pathetic as not one single portrayal put a smile on any spectator’s face.

Never in our history have we seen so many fetes being postponed for lack of ticket sales, with the PNM one topping it off. And imagine it was the year of their 60th anniversary and they even looking for money to fix their headquarters? Recession? Hogwash!

Calypso tents never got a full house and the others could not sell one case of beer on a good night. Recession?

Carnival will never improve as long as there’s all that hate and spite for fellow citizens who have been contributing more than those who oppose them to the development of this country. 

Lystra Lythe,

Sangre Grande