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Business sector mum on job losses

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The public is watching and listening carefully to the deafening silence of the business sector as employees are being retrenched almost on a daily basis. Why haven’t the various chambers of commerce and industry or relevant association said something by now?

They are quick to talk about other issues affecting them, but when their employees are being placed on the breadline by them it is as though cat caught their tongue.

Do they really care about the employees? Employees are being treated like dispensable items. But it is the same employees that slave for them and the same employees that purchase from them. One hand don’t clap, the saying goes. If employees have no money to buy from them, how will they get their sales? When they rake in all amounts of excess profit, most employees don’t benefit from it. Now we are in some rough waters, they are throwing us out the boat rather than letting us sail through with them.

Shirley Bhimsingh

Via email