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A ‘middle school’ may be solution to violence

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Several years ago the Minister of Education, Mr Clive Pantin said, “I have visited most of the schools in T&T and was overwhelmed by the innocence, friendliness and eagerness to learn shown by all the children in our primary schools. I was even more overwhelmed when I visited our secondary schools, both junior and senior, at the unbelievable change shown by the children at this level. The transformation made by most of the children almost immediately after entering secondary school was astounding. They were angry, indisciplined and had no interest to learn.”

In a letter to the editor I suggested that if the primary school students could be kept away from the obvious bad example/influence of the older boys they may take much longer to become corrupted, if at all. (There are always the outside influences).

This can be achieved by allocating an appropriate number of special schools as First Year Secondary and fill these schools with first year secondary students only.

In year two we increase the number of special schools to accommodate the new first year students and so on.

Eventually, through an annual increase of the special schools and a reduction in the old secondary schools allocated to the current secondary students, our existing primary school students will be spared the corrupting influence of being “thrown to the wolves,” so to speak.

Until another, better idea, is presented this is my only solution to save our youth from graduating into “a life of crime.”

Barry E,