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Just doing my civic duty...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I would simply like to advise WASA of two leaking lines that are probably wasting hundreds of gallons of water unknown to them.

In the event that they do not have scouts driving around looking for leaks, I think it is my civic duty to offer this service free of charge. 

On Upper Union Road, Petit Valley, about one hundred yards after the Hillcrest Road intersection, there appears to be two areas where pipes below the road are leaking. Also, just off the highway heading east, when you veer left to go to El Socorro Main Road, there is another leak under the roadway.

These leaks are very easy to see. When I see things like these I cringe knowing that my lawn and plants would have gladly welcomed this water that is being wasted and I cannot use my garden hose to facilitate them.

W Dopson,