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0-0-0 is a generous offer

Saturday, January 7, 2017

It is common knowledge that Petrotrin is vastly overstaffed, some say as much as ten times what is required to run an operation of its size. Therefore, the company is well within its rights to offer to terminate “only” 25 per cent of its staff. After some negotiation, they can reduce it to 20 per cent.

In that scenario, and given the dire financial straits in which the company finds itself (the reasons are not relevant here), Petrotrin workers should be thankful for the rather generous offer of 0-0-0.

They should be asked: would you rather lose your job or remain employed at your current high salary? I think many would be willing to take a ten per cent cut to retain their jobs.

If you doubt me, ask the ex-ArcelorMittal workers.