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Silent message to the menresponsible

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Very often in verbal communication, what is not said can be more important than the message clearly vocalised by the speaker. Case in point is the Prime Minister telling women that they are responsible for their bad choices in male companionship, with the inevitable violent abuse that follows, inter alia.

What therefore was his silent message to the men committing abuse—please continue to abuse women to your heart’s content safe in the knowledge that the authorities are highly unlikely to uncover your crime, far less prosecute and punish you.

Maybe, the Prime Minister’s message to the women of Maloney should have been as follows: My Government is greatly saddened by the out-of-control epidemic of female domestic abuse and we are taking proactive measures in the Parliament and on the street to track down, apprehend, and severely punish any man who abuses our womenfolk.

This PNM Government will not rest until every last male abuser or even potential abuser gets his comeuppance. Now, in this regard, I would be most grateful if you ladies out there would help this programme to succeed in the shortest possible time frame by demanding the highest standards of behaviour of any male who seeks your company.

Gregory Wight