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We must work together to save T&T

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The public meetings with the Prime Minister is a necessary reaffirmation to reconnect with the people in a meaningful way. It is the honourable Prime Minister’s responsibility to be subject to the “agreement” that binds him to the people, this becomes the base in which we will collectively find reason.

This agreement is signed in decency, enforced with the courage of conviction, and can only be truly litigated exclusively in the public court by the public.

Here in a society which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion but hastily relates to appeals to emotion or personal beliefs and so well fed by unbridled social media, only sadly demonstrates the new era of post truth politics and what it can bear; this was evident in the American presidential election and the Brexit confusion.

The opportunity presented here must not be trivialized or use to vilify or for dissent, the intention is to allow the average politically agnostic person, who may be perplexed to be edified, and should most definitely challenge the Government and summon us to work together, so we may rise above the many difficulties that all the 1.4 million or so inhabitants of these isles face.

Colin Fortune