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Just pass the FATCA bill already!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It seems a once hoped-for settlement of the FATCA issue is still pending. Come on, let us be reasonable, do we still have to continue this in 2017? Are there not more pressing matters affecting our citizens, for example crime, unemployment, abuse matters, slow economic growth, missing individuals and other issues?

Should our leaders not be focussing on these things? Everything was put in place including the JSC and what do you have to date? More objections.

Now tell me, how can that be right? The entire business community, financial institutions and citizens are being left wondering what next. I am asking, as a citizen, please let good sense prevail. Let us get that bill passed and put this behind our backs and handle those crucial matters.

The way I see it no one’s business is ever a secret. Why? Because it is always in the hand of someone else, and that is a reality. The information is out there whether you like it or not. Why should there be any fear? If you are above board in all your matters there is nothing to worry about. It is simple as that. Please, please do what is right and free our country from unnecessary stress. Pass the FATCA bill before it is too late.

Arnold Gopeesingh,

San Juan