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Bad management a big problem

Sunday, April 16, 2017

We are living in strange times in T&T with high levels of crime, etc. One of the components we as a nation can boast of and not be surprised about is bad management. We are living and seeing it daily. Two incidents that comes to mind are the fire in Port of Spain on Monday and the back up of that incident the following day.

On Monday nightm while watching the news a senior fire officer was explaining the difficulties in getting water to control the fire at ANSA building and saud that a very high percentage of the fire hydrants in Port of Spain are defective.

No surprise that defective fire hydrants fall under the purview of the Fire Service who ought to do periodical checks of these hydrants throughout the country and report defective hydrants to the Ministry of National Security who will have same replaced via the Ministry of Public Utilities where the active agent is WASA to remedy the situation.

Second case. There is a new body of pavement dwellers introduced to the country the brainchild of Mr Jack Warner under the PP Administration. They are called traffic wardens, whose duty is to be out on the streets doing traffic duties. Their function seems to be to stand on the pavement and observe the traffic pile up. A good example was on Tuesday April 11, where the fire at the ANSA Building ignited again. The Fire Services blocked traffic from going beyond Abercombry Street, along Independence Square South. There was a pile up of traffic going north along Chacon St and running back to South Quay. Meanwhile there were six traffic warden standing on Independence Square and along Abercombry Street one holding a bottle of water.

Our country’s problem, as I have highlighted, is bad management, mainly no supervisors.

Athelston Clinton