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Never too late to learn

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I had been playing the guitar, primarily by strumming chords for accompaniment, nigh onto 60 years, before I knew what a Staff, Breve, Quaver or Clef were.

In 1970, my brother-in-law gave me “An Easy Way to Guitar” tutoring book which I promptly stowed away.

Three years ago, at the onset of the Lenten season, I rediscovered this guitar manual, in a box, perused it, and began studiously to follow its well-graded instructional steps and practice pieces. By the end of that Lent I could look at the score sheets of simple tunes, Like MaryAnn, and play them with aplomb; and, all of this without the benefit of a live tutor, and over the age of 70.

At present, any note I can pluck on my guitar I can score, and I have scored many of my favourite tunes. In fact, during this Easter weekend, I played a lot of my scored hymns for my own, and the household’s enjoyment.

This letter was penned with the heartfelt hope that it would inspire other old fogies who are not infirm, bedridden or otherwise afflicted to get off their butts and begin some new project to uplift their spirits, for self satisfaction and, even, to give pleasure to dear, close and loved ones.

Incidentally, to save expenditure from my meagre pension/pittance, I constructed a homemade music stand from a discarded standing fan, a piece of broomstick, plywood and a screw and nut.

Oh yes we can.

Manny Joseph