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Ayers-Caesar debacle a farce

Sunday, May 14, 2017

As Mr Bumble said in Dicken’s novel, Oliver Twist, “The law is an ass”.

Trinidadians have a pre-disposition to making mountains out of mole hills. This Marcia Ayers-Caesar debacle is a farce. Now, I know nothing about the law, but surely, as night follows day, the Chief Justice should have asked Marcia if she had any outstanding matters to be heard before accepting her new post. Surely they both knew outstanding matters were to be cleared first?

If my memory serves me well, there was a case fairly recently, where a judge stepped down for a day to clear an existing matter, then returned to the bench the next day. Whether it was here or not, I’m not sure.

The people involved in the unfinished court matters are to be sympathized with. Honestly, I see no need for their cases to be further delayed by starting at the beginning with another magistrate. Let Marcia Ayers-Caesar continue with these cases and complete them. And if the JLSC can get its act together after her cases are completed, maybe she can be appointed a judge again.

Stop all this unnecessary legal wrangling. Mistakes were made...correct them quickly and efficiently and learn from this.

Anne Murphy

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