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Still committed to Windies cricket

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Despite a gutsy fight from our Caribbean boys, they failed to draw the last Test match. Can you imagine the last two batmen at the crease with just seven balls to deal with but we simply could not hold out.

Our Trini boy Gabriel just could not keep it together under pressure. I must give a high note of praise to Chase who got his second century of the series and finished with the most runs in the series of four hundred odd. The visitors were victorious in all formats of the game, T20, ODI and Test matches and got that historic victory in the Test series.

I believe the WI team without a doubt needs to go back to the drawing board and do a post-mortem of the entire series and see where they went wrong and come up with a plan to bring about change.

In my humble opinion I believe that our present team is doing their very best but our opponents are proving to be better. We need to strengthen our squad and I am convinced that we do have players out there on the cricketing circuit that can do this.

I am asking those who are in charge, please do your best to pull all our West Indian players together so that we can have the strongest team available.

I remain committed to WI cricket as a spectator and still believe that we can rise again.


San Juan