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Destructive side of social media

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

There is a disturbing trend that I have noticed on social media that is not good for the advancement of our country. Different news media would put up a news story and people would comment on the news item, which is a good thing. But where it gets disturbing is when citizens (on both sides of the political divide) become nasty and disrespectful in their comments.

Their political fanaticism comes out and it’s a back and forth at each other’s throat. People are not interested in putting forward solutions but rather spewing political venom at their political opponents.

This kind of behaviour would do us no good. Could you imagine what the individuals who are behaving in this manner are teaching their children at home? Are our homes being used to promote racial and political venom? I want to plead with the citizenry to love country first and work towards building Trinidad and Tobago.

Andre Roberts,