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We just can’t continue like this

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

As a young teenager in secondary school, travelling on my own, it’s scary hearing the daily news about the violence against women. My sisters and other female relatives that are younger than I also go through this ordeal.

Shannon Banfield, Asami Nagakiya (and the list goes on) are names of women killed due to the violence against our women.

What’s next? Should we all get gated communities and someone to drop and pick us up wherever we go? This is getting overbearing! Every time I get into a maxi I have to look around every minute to ensure that I am secured. It’s not fair that my younger ones have to go through this just because some people can’t keep their hands to themselves. They say that we are targeted due to our lack of clothing or for the choice of our outfit. If we wear short clothing, we are too exposed and if we wear long clothing, we are trying to hide something so they want to see what it is. So if it’s so, what to do?

I believe that God would intervene in this land because all the political parties just not making any sense. Party come, party go, same thing, none makes a difference. They only talk but they don’t put anything in place to help the situation

Aaliyah Bobb-Semple, 13,

Student, Bishop Anstey High School