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No need to justify, Ms Wall

Friday, October 6, 2017

Ms Gillian Wall, co-founder of the NGO powerful ladies of T&T (PLOTT), as far as I am concerned, there is no need to explain what took place at the forum where you expressed exactly how you felt and I applaud you for being honest and sincere in calling a spade a spade. Judging from the response from the other attendees I believe they also felt the same way.

The Co-Founder of (PLOTT) at a post-budget forum hosted by the T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce chided the Minister of Finance on the attitude shown in answering questions put to him. The time has come when our leaders, put there by the people, treat the citizens with respect and courtesy. That is all you were asking for.

I have listened to many of our politicians and leaders addressing our nation at various forums and I had to ask myself, is that a leader of people? Absolutely no people skills whatsoever and no wisdom in handling issues, just venom and arrogance being displayed. What is even worse there is always an excuse for their conduct.

We have to blame ourselves at times for we accept it and are in effect supporting it. How? We say nothing or demand higher standards.

Ms Wall, well done, you deserve better than that. When you give respect you will get respect. And that has nothing to do with the office you hold. As a matter of fact the higher you go I believe the more humble you should become. The person that exalts you (God) and give you favour to serve others expects that of you.

Arnold Gopeesingh,

San Juan