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Ensure tyre tax used for disposal

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Recently I changed my car tyres and was charged $10 to dispose of each tyre. To which I really had no problem as I recognised that there is a serious problem with the irresponsible disposal of used tyres.

However, on reflection, with the introduction of the new tax of $20 by the Minister of Finance in the last budget the position now is that the consumer, besides paying this new tax of $20 when purchasing the new tyres, is also paying a further fee to dispose of the old tyres. My question is where is this new tax going?

Surely a portion of this tax should go to the person or organisation disposing of the old tyres which will encourages responsible disposal.

If this tax is lost in the Consolidated Fund then the problems experienced by the indiscriminate dumping of used tyres by unscrupulous individuals is not being addressed and the consumers are taxed unfairly.

Just my 2 cents.