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What preparations for disaster, ODPM?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I refer to the letter from Allima Garcia yesterday regarding rescue of people in an earthquake. She raises a vary valid point which I have tried to raise with the ODPM by messages to its Web site and letters in the press. Rescuing people trapped in collapsed buildings is a very skilled undertaking and the rescuers need a lot of training. But I have not had any response. Useless full-page ads in the press about sandbags show a lack of understanding of practical issues. I would like to know which, if any, members of the organisation have any practical experience of a real disaster. Has any of them visited Haiti or Grenada?

I suggest they contact the Home Office in London and find how they coped with the heavy bombing of London every night for six months. On average 200 bombers did their worst every night and killed some 1,500 people. It is about time we are told exactly what real preparations and training they are organising. The public has a right to know and comment on how our taxes are being spent.


Hugh Putt
Via e-mail