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I read, with some consternation, a letter to the editor of your newspaper on November 22 regarding a judgment of the Industrial Court in a matter between NP and OWTU, to which I feel compelled to respond.

My issue is not with the judgment of the court, as I have not yet seen a copy of it, but with the underlying thesis of the letter, which seems...

Will anybody step in and save Greyfriars Church? Are we so powerless as to let this gem of history be literally hammered to the ground?

We are into the galas of Christmas and Carnival and these signal an increase in the consumption of alcoholic beverages and the consequential rise in road traffic accidents and other incidence.

A number of labs are offering Chikungunya testing and an alarming number of patients who report classic symptoms of fever, body pains and rash are having their tests come back negative.  

This is a waste of money to the patient.

Shorn of its political content, Mr Douglas Mendes’s article in the Sunday Guardian of November 16 advocated the secure tenure of judges and fairness when they are appointed. 

It seems to me that both objectives can be achieved by a simple amendment to the Constitution.

Will anybody step in and save Greyfriars Church? Are we so powerless as to let this gem of history be literally hammered to the ground? 

This fine church with its thousand memories was founded by Alexander Kennedy, the most dynamic and zealous of our missionaries. 

In the face of natural disasters, the true disaster is the failure to realise that no food hamper, no free mattresses or whether your political representative arrives at your door within one hour of the disaster, will be of use to the victims.

Let us put down our pointing fingers and instead pick up a good cause. Our seasonal changes mean the rains come every year, and sometimes mercilessly so. Many of us do not know the emotional, physical and financial woes some of our citizens face because of flooding caused by the torrential downpo

The single most insurmountable obstacle in the way of solving the problem of childhood obesity is dishonesty! On Friday, we celebrated World Diabetes Day.

Everyone keeps saying that the city of Port-of-Spain is dying. This is because people no longer live there. Why not turn Greyfriars church into apartments? I'm sure there are several young professionals who would be delighted to live in a converted church in the city.

My brothers and sisters of Tobago, together we sit with you on the cusp of a new dawn. The People's Partnership, in its continuing drive for the betterment of our twin island Republic has once again made an historic move.

A letter by Dr David Salinger condemns the Attorney General, among others, as being responsible for allowing an alleged notorious criminal to remain loose since 2004, without explaining how he arrived at that conclusion.

Taking a look at the direction our society is heading and what the future holds, I have come to the conclusion that it is not very bright because we are not good exemplars for the young people.

Why must the Caribbean people pay compensation money to the BCCI when we never had a say in the affairs of the WICB?

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the withdrawal of the West Indian Cricket team from the tour of India, which should have been taking place now, is one of the most significant tragedies to have befallen cricket in its 86-year history. At the same time the opportunity has been presented

Violence, historically, has been part of the culture of many societies. Because of this we must never overlook the role of entertainment when it comes to dealing with the emerging trends of violent behaviour among youths. There are many in T&T who cannot separate reality from entertainment.