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Calypso history month is October 2014. How many of us are aware of this? Based on what is on the media, not many, unfortunately. What is calypso? It is African Caribbean music from T&T originating from African and European roots. The French brought Carnival to T&T. Carnival grew in popularity after the abolition of slavery in 1834. While many...

West Indies cricket has climbed a bit and is being stabilised at the moment. Players are being contracted by the world’s premier competitions.

To respond to every statement made in the media opens you up to the criticism that your skin is too thin and you have way too much spare time on your hands. On the other hand, ignoring it can have disastrous consequences as the failure to correct same is held up as evidence that it is the truth. 

We are cricket fans because of the players not the administrators. The players indicated before the first one-day international, that they had serious concerns, and you all did nothing. Now you are trying to blame the players and talking about disciplining them.

I have always felt that the T20 type of non-cricket would eventually bring the end of the beautiful game as we know it. The entertainment value of the T20 format is exactly what it is —entertainment—and is good for those who need instant gratification.

There was once a lonely old man who lived in a very poor section of town. Every afternoon a group of youngsters went to that section to play, beat cans and drums and made a lot of noise. The old man hated the noise and soon came up with a plan to deal with the young men. 

The HRM has been knocked down not once, not twice, but three times by the courts of our land! Their legal position is now confusing. They are taking their case to the Privy Council, clamouring for mediation and striking by not consuming water and food. 

Citizens of this country, probably numbering about 50, are engaged in the Middle East conflict. They are actively involved as combatants on the side of Islamic State (or ISIS/ISIL).

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes. If you are determined you will be successful. I am confused that a man can go without food or water for a month and still be moving around cool and collected.

Former West Indies cricketer Bryan Davis is reported to have characterised the abandonment of the tour of India by the West Indies cricket team as being “selfish.” To me, this is too light a condemnation.

We wish to congratulate the Hillview CAPE class of 2014 on their stellar performance in the recent examinations.

There can be no doubt that many have joined in support of the Highway Re-route movement because it suits their political agenda, ie, anything to make the Government look bad. Others have joined because of humanitarian reasons, ie concern for life.

There will be few who will disagree that the ways political parties get their funding need to be reformed.

I have thus far kept my silence on the issue of Dr Wayne Kublalsingh and the highway re-route matter. I have done so not because I am any less passionate than many who see fit to espouse their views of this matter but perhaps I am in fact more passionate on the issue than many.

I have deliberately refrained from commenting on the latest saga of the "hunger strikes" as I suspect many people have, because it involves a human life, something that we all value very highly, but "enough is enough."

People are more paranoid than cautious about Ebola.