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I write to make a simple contribution on the serious disease of Ebola.

I, like many, have seen on BBC television news the plight, suffering and helplessness of the people of West Africa. It is heart-wrenching!

This disease has been around since before 1976 and the recent outbreak has been raging for about a year now.

It drew very...

Maxie Cuffie, in his last PNM missive, describes the current administration as the  most corrupt and incompetent in the country’s history.

Can money appease or compensate for loss of a loved one? How much money will the average Trini value their loved one at?

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” Was William Shakespeare talking about the world of Trinis? This famous quote from the bard is perhaps one of the most appropriate for those in T&T. A Trini’s dramatic flair is unmatched, his acting abilities unique.

The T&T Guardian of October 12, 2014, raised the topic of the shortfall of natural gas to the Pt Lisas petrochemical plants in the context of Proman Holdings attempt to pay a lower price for Clico’s 56.53 per cent of Methanol Holdings Co Ltd. 

The human body is a network in which interrelation takes place. If one part is poorly looked after it will affect the others and will shut down eventually. Similarly a country, believe it or not, can be compared to the human body.

 As a concerned citizen of sweet T&T, and with all due respect to my fun-loving brothers and sisters of Trinbago, I humbly believe that because of the treat of the Ebola virus Carnival 2015 should be cancelled. This Ebola is a serious thing.

My name is Shereen Boodhai and I am a member of the Highway Re-Route Movement. After reading a Newsday article, I realised that there is still confusion regarding the Highway Re-Route Movement and what they are about.

Will you allow the destruction of an already endangered World Heritage Site that is possibly older than the Mayan and Aztec civilizations? Yes, I am referring to the Banwari site in Penal, Trinidad.

There have been calls to cancel Carnival 2015 because of the Ebola threat. Carnival will be on February 16 and 17. I do not subscribe to this school of thought. Proper precautions can help us manage this disease. Knowledge is power. Ebola viral disease is a severe, often fatal illness.

In all the talk about preparations to deal with the threat of the Ebola virus nothing has as yet been mentioned about the virus arriving via the legal yachting community and the numerous illegal small craft off loading various drugs, guns and human traffic. The ministers of Health and National Se

I would like to suggest that the Government establish a fund from which each bandleader can be reimbursed the financial cost incurred if Carnival is cancelled. They can use the money to settle any and all liabilities to date. 

Even if feters, artistes, masqueraders, vendors and spectators were dropping like chemically sprayed flies, the mass of stupid people that comprise this nation of T&T would demand that the 2015 Carnival sex orgy go on as scheduled. 

The New York and Canada-based family of Dr Sylvia Moodie-Kublalsingh would like to express our full support for her call for reason to prevail in the matter of Wayne Kublalsingh’s hunger strike.

“What is life worth living?” Ernest Hemingway said, “The world breaks everyone…those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially.”  This quote came to my mind as I reflected on the impending fate of Dr Kublalsingh.

Your citizens living in the USA  who are heading to join Isis are of “concern” and “interest” to you.  What concerns many of your citizens living in T&T, however, is the fact that you will not mediate between the Prime Minister and  a citizen sitting right outside her office every day.