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Blue Bird Sports popularizes pepper roti

Sunday, October 15, 2017
Dhanrajee Mahadeo, Azmoon Beharry and Shiva Guyadeen oversee the cutting of the pepper roti.

“We make our pepper roti with love, it’s the secret ingredient,” says Goutam Maharaj, a member of The Blue Bird Sports and Cultural Organisation. And that is what has made the pepper roti from the group so popular among patrons at the Divali Nagar year after year.

Maharaj, spokeman for the group, said they have been making pepper roti at the Nagar for the past decade. He proudly claimed that it was because of Blue Bird’s efforts that pepper roti became so popular on T&T’s cultural landscape.

“Pepper roti was really a home-cooked dish and we decided to bring this to the Nagar because people loved the hot, spicy taste and very few if anyone was at that time selling this wonderful product,” he said.

Maharaj said the popularity of the dish rose and today, many of the food stalls at the Nagar now offer pepper roti on their menu.

Maharaj said the club has been in existence since 1971 and assists in many cultural, sporting and community events in the Penal area.

He said the stall at the Divali Nagar was the club’s only fund-raising event for the year. “The funds we raise would go towards assisting several of our projects that incorporate youth and youth development.” The roti is prepared on-site at kitchen facilities at the Nagar. The roti is cooked on a giant tawa and cut into pieces, after which it is lapped up by patrons.