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Praise to the Trinity in Santa Cruz

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Cover of Andre Walker’s CD.

 June 19 was a special day at the Church of Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe in Santa Cruz. The priest and congregation celebrated three events: Trinity Sunday, Father’s Day, and the launch of a unique benefit fund-raiser CD from Andre Walker. Trinity Sunday was observed by the singing of the entrance hymn, Praise to the Trinity, followed by the homily from Reverend Dr Francis that focused on the Holy Trinity and also on the island of Trinidad, with the meditation, “One God Trinity” by Peter Telfer & the Mawasi Experience bringing up the rear. Father’s Day was observed by the giving of a gift, prayer, card, medallion and a potted plant to each father present, to be nurtured and a symbolic reminder of their nurturing role to their children. This was followed by a Father’s Day tribute featuring Alicia Richards-La Touche singing You’re My Hero, and Andre Walker singing Oh! Mein Papa. The CD that was launched, entitled To a Rose—More for the Cure, was a benefit fund-raiser CD featuring Andre Walker vocals and his harmonica stylings, accompanied by live pan, synthesised piano, organ and violin. It contains sixteen tracks of memorable songs. Walker, who is well known for his free and enthusiastic involvement in charitable causes over the years, is offering the CD as part of a fund-raiser to defray medical expenses for his wife, Grace, who is still under follow-up care for triple by-pass surgery that she underwent while abroad last year.