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Provisions are always the order of the day here in the West Indies.

Young children who drank non-dairy replacement milks instead of cow’s milk were more likely to have low levels of vitamin D in their blood, a new study found.

Dopamine receptor agonist drugs were linked with higher risks for pathological gambling, hypersexuality and compulsive shopping in a new study. 

One of the reasons I ended up in Trinidad was because, while I was working as an audience researcher at the UK Guardian, an e-mail arrived in my inbox one day from an irate anthropology lecturer, the Sunday Guardian columnist, Dylan Kerrigan. 

First year volunteer Denece Campbell is no stranger to Alta. Her first time in an Alta class did not happen when she became a volunteer at the Chaguanas Public Library one year ago, but in the very formative years of her life when she saw her mother spend her time in an Alta class.

The term “chikungunya” comes from the Kimakonde dialect and means “to be contorted” due to the bent appearance of those who have it.

Many girls from South and Central Trinidad aspire to attend Naparima Girls’ High School. Shivanna Chatoor, Cameel Juman and Arielle Rambharose who topped the 2014 SEA, all picked Naparima Girls’ High School as their first choice.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and New York-based Trinidadian doctor Dr Marshalee George, has contributed several short articles about breast cancer awareness.

When Raoul John and Kenrick Nobbee first knew each other their interactions didn’t suggest they would develop a bond that would last more than 50 years.

“Trinidad and Tobago,” I patiently repeated for the second time. 

“What?” She frustratingly retorted.