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Many girls from South and Central Trinidad aspire to attend Naparima Girls’ High School. Shivanna Chatoor, Cameel Juman and Arielle Rambharose who topped the 2014 SEA, all picked Naparima Girls’ High School as their first choice.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and New York-based Trinidadian doctor Dr Marshalee George, has contributed several short articles about breast cancer awareness.

When Raoul John and Kenrick Nobbee first knew each other their interactions didn’t suggest they would develop a bond that would last more than 50 years.

“Trinidad and Tobago,” I patiently repeated for the second time. 

“What?” She frustratingly retorted.

Roughly every eight minutes from 2002 through 2012, a child in the US experienced a medication mistake, according to a new study of calls to poison control hotlines.

Divali is a Hindu festival which symbolises light overcoming darkness and good overcoming evil. This year, Divali will be celebrated on November 23. While many will celebrate the auspicious occasion on just one day, it is a celebration of five events over four days.

Ramleela rehearsal was in full swing at the Om Shakti Mandir in Aranguez.

The food world is filled with misconceptions and myths, and our understanding of what is “good”and “bad”is often clouded by genius marketing tactics, internet folklore and plain old bad science.

The global spread of Ebola has struck terror into many, as the great disease has already caused much devastation in Africa and threatens even the United States at present. It is, however, but another chapter in the history of mankind in which a disease has threatened entire populations with extin

When Samantha Shukla isn’t running on the track, she’s busy studying psychology at her home in Beetham Gardens.

While few have proven to excel in both school and sports, Shukla, 23, did so against the odds. Shukla believes she couldn’t succeed in one without the other.