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Music, mas at Cloth’s Propaganda Space launch

Monday, February 13, 2012
Ataklan performs at the launch of The Cloth Propaganda Space in Belmont. Photos: Gillian Moore


Celebrating 25 years in the business this year, The Cloth Caribbean opened the doors to its new, multi-purpose  “Propaganda Space” at 24 Erthig Road in Belmont. Ataklan, Kairi Kaiso and 3Canal were on hand to entertain as Cloth clientele gathered to shop, browse and mingle. The space, formerly a printery, is part retail store, part workshop, part performance space and part mas camp—serving as the headquarters of Vulgar Fraction, the alternative mas band designed and led by Cloth principal designer Robert Young and Lupe Leonard.
On dislplay were men’s and women’s clothing from the iconic Caribbean fashion line, colourful bags, cushions and wall hangings. Masked mannequins were also on show, decorated with Vulgar Fraction costumes, which allow for masqueraders to add their own flair and make their own statement. Funky, natural jewelry by Akilah was also available and attracting the attention of shoppers. Kairi Kaiso members, Dawn and Marva Newton, sang songs from their retro calypso repertoire, while Altaklan entertained with some of his hits, including Flood, Naked Walk and Soca Gyal. 3Canal shared good vibrations, performing old and new songs, including this year’s Sacrifice, and Good Morning, which had the audience smiling and waving along.